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Kleinheincz Csilla

Csilla Kleinheincz (40) is a Hungarian-Vietnamese writer. Besides translating classics of the fantasy genre, such as Peter S. Beagle’s works, she works as an editor at Gabo, a Hungarian SF publisher. Her novels and most of her short stories are part of the Hungarian slipstream and fantasy literature.


I was born on 26th of August, 1978, in Budapest. My mother is Vietnamese and my father Hungarian, but I lived my entire life in Hungary, visiting Vietnam only occassionally, therefore my writing is mostly influenced by Hungarian and international writers and not so much by the oriental.
I studied agriculture and even started my PhD but left it when it turned out that my true calling is editing and writing. I also finished a professional English translating course at the university and later earned a postgraduate diplom in literary editing.
My first publication was a cycle of poems in an anthology from Stadium (Huszonötödik óra), followed by short story publications in literary and fantasy magazines and anthologies. I published a lot of work online, so by the time my first novel was published in 2005 (Város két fül között – The City Within) I had a steady albeit small audience. My first novel was an urban fantasy about dreamers sharing the same dream-city and the struggle of a young trapeze artist who brings back her brother from death by dreaming. My second novel (Ólomerdő – Sevenwood) was a dark YA story based on Hungarian folk and fairy tales about the price everyone has to pay for their mistakes. Both novels were published by Delta Vision.
My short story collection was published in 2009 by Stadium, a literary publishing house.
My short story „A drop of raspberry” won a place in the Interfictions anthology edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss (Small Beer Press) and I sold two other stories to Black Petals Magazine and one to the Porteguese Nova (an e-zine).
I began my career as a translator and translated works of Peter S. Beagle, Anne McCaffrey, Catherynne M. Valente, Ursula K. Le Guin and Kelly Link. As editor I introduced such authors to the Hungarian market as Peter S. Beagle, Anne McCaffrey, Michael Moorcock, Brandon Sanderson, Gene Wolfe, Patricia McKillip, Jo Walton and Geoff Ryman, launching two series, one „Masters of Imagination” featuring iconic works from the SF/F genre, the other „Delta Workshop” introducing young and talented Hungarian writers from the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre and collecting their works in annual thematic anthologies (77 and Erato).
In 2012 I changed publishing houses and started working as editor-in-chief of Ad Astra. Currently I am a science fiction/fantasy editor of GABO and co-editor of the annual Hungarian Science fiction and Fantasy Stories of the Year anthology series. In 2017 I was awarded the Hexa Award for my contribution to the SF genre.



“Város két fül között” (2005, The City Within)

“Ólomerdő” (2007, 2014, The Leaden Forest)

“Üveghegy” (2014, Glass Mountain)

Short story collection:

“Nyulak, sellők, viszonyok” (2009, Rabbits, mermaids, relations)

Debut publication:

poems in “Huszonötödik óra” anthology (1999, Twentyfifth hour)
short story “Hindh utazása” (The Journey of Hindh) in “Álmodók” (2000,
Dreamers anthology)

Other short stories in Hungarian magazines and anthologies:

“A pikk dáma”  (The Queen of Spades, in: Fanfár magazine, 2000, The Queen of Spades)

“Kötelesség” (Duty, in: Fanfár magazine, 2003, Duty)

“Jégasszony” (Ice Woman) in “Rejtélyes tűz” anthology (2004,  Secret
Fire anthology)

“Jambalaya” in “Új átlók évkönyve”  (2004, New Diagonal anthology)

“Fehér sivatag” (White Desert, in: Roham magazine, 2005, White Desert)

“Nyulak” (Rabbits, in: Roham magazine, 2006, Bunnies)

“Lorem ipsum” (in: Rost magazine, 2009)

“Tükörország, búcsúzz el!” (Glass Kingdom say goodbye, in: Galaktika, 2011)

International publication:

“A Drop of Raspberry”  in Interfictions anthology (USA, 2007)

“After midnight, before dawn” (in: Black Petals Horror Magazine, 2006, USA)

“Last Service Line” (in: Black Petals Horror Magazine, 2007, USA)

“Corvos no fio” (Ravens on the Wire, in: Nova #2, 2008, Portugal)

“Malinová kapka” (A Drop of Raspberry, in: Ikarie, 2010, Czech Republic)

“Piisk vaarikat” (A Drop of Raspberry, in: Algernon, 2010, Estonia)

“Rabbits” (Expanded Horizons, 2010 November)

“Rabbits” (Heiresses of Russ, 2011)

“A Single Year” (Apex Book of World SF 2., 2012)

“Unha pinga de framboesa” (Nova Fantasia, 2015, Spain)

“A Single Year” (Ang Manggagaway, 2017, Philippines)

“Rabbits” (Sunspot Jungle, 2018)


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