sevenwood_by_kira_santaEvery child believes in fairies, dragons and knights rescuing maidens. Emese heard about them from her mother who promised to show her the other world. Promises bind fairies. And Mother was one of them.
Emese didn’t believe in them, not since Mother has disappeared. She no more knows the truth.
At last, a knight comes for her, but not for the reason she thought.
In the leaden forest of the fae she finds out that she is sold by those who love her most, and the heroic knight has no heart.

And she hasn’t even met her family yet…

Wish it were just a fairy tale.

Read the excerpt here.


The City Within


Beyond the waking world there is a mysterious city that draws dreamers to itself like a whirlpool. The life of Vali, the Hungarian trapeze artist changes instantly when one night she finds herself among dreamwalls. Secrets and unknown dreamers surround her – and the power of their thoughts make the city bloom like a dark flower. The past awakens. But hungry shadows are lurking in the doorways, and Vali has to learn that the past isn’t always the same as in memories.

Read the excerpt here.

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